Organic cultivation

Today the term organic product has been recognized and is synonymous with quality, pure product. Organic products VINOLIO CRETA COMPANY is free from chemical fertilizers and produced 100% naturally. All bear the certification of Greek Organic Products Certification Organization (DIO)


Traditional cultivation

From ancient times until the middle of last century, traditional agriculture has undergone minor modifications. Requires limited use of pesticides and, above all, it is empirical. This is the reason for the traditional agriculture products VINOLIO CRETA COMPANY always selected the best producers. Cultivators with respect to the nature, the Cretan land and man.


Total olive Georgia managed to produce the traditional agriculture olive oil.

For the cultivation of olives, through traditional cultivation, apply agriculture Integrated Management System trees certified by AGENCY CERTIFICATION & SUPERVISION OF AGRICULTURAL PRODUCTS AGROCERT.

This system determines and controls the amounts of fertilizers and pesticides used for the cultivation and production of olive elaiopoiisimis. So we controlled culture, with special supervision agronomist for the production of olives, from which produced the pure extra virgin olive oil Total Management VINOLIO CRETA COMPANY.