Inside the monastery, built by the Venetians lords Jeremiah and Laurentius Tzagarolas, there is the Museum of Holy Trinity of Tzagarola where icons and utensils are exhibited.

From the exhibits of the Museum of Holy Trinity of Tzagarola the ones that stand out are the fabric covering the altar with the icon of the Holy Sepulchre in the 12th century, icons of St. John the Theologian (16th century), St. Nicholas (17th century) and the icons of the enthroned Christ, the Life Giving source and the Second Coming (1635-1645 ).

The Monastery of Holy Trinity of Tzagarola nowadays still plays an important role in the religious and economic life of Crete. It is stavropegic, as it is managed directly by the Ecumenical Patriarchate of Constantinople.

The visitor, apart from the tour of the monastery and the Museum of Holy Trinity of Tzagarola,can observe closely how the unique quality of organic olive oil, wine, honey, vinegar and soap from olive oil are produced and exported by the monks.