Olive oil

For centuries, the par excellence tree of the Mediterranean, the olive tree, coexists with the people of the region and it has been linked with their everyday life and their habits. Having exceeded the boundaries of this region, it has left its mark on all civilizations that evolved in the Mediterranean coastline.


At the same time, the olive is the fruit of the branches that were used as wreaths for the winners of the Olympic Games and the valuable juice, the olive oil, was the award given to the winners of the famous Panathenean Games that took place in honor of the goddess Athena.


The extra virgin olive oil has the most advantages in comparison to all the other fat-containing substances consumed by man. Moreover, it benefits the body’s development and protection, as it has a great nutritional value.


Olive oil is rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, very valuable in creating lipids which supply human cells, the structure of our body, with chemical energy. It has positive effects on the body’s development and growth as well as anti-ageing properties, as it contains a high percentage of vitamin E. It reduces cholesterol and prevents atherosclerosis.